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Why you may be better off being broke than $758 million richer

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CHICOPEE, MA -- So you may feel down and out since you're one of the millions who didn't hit it big in the Powerball.

Well, imagine if you were the lady who thought her store in Watertown, Massachusetts sold the $758 million ticket. Long story short, the Powerball people got it mixed up with another store in Chicopee, Massachusetts. Apparently, they sold the jackpot ticket and the one in Watertown sold a million dollar one instead. So the store owner's dream wasn't all sold out but it was a whole lot cheaper!

Then again ... maybe (just maybe) she's better off than the actual winner of the jackpot, Mavis Wanczyk! Especially considering she decided to go public less than 24 hours after winning.

A  financial expert we talked to even said, "one of the key things for a lottery winner is to remain somewhat anonymous..."

Imagine what second cousins, old friends, will be coming out the woodwork.

" I want to be just alone and figure what I want," Wanczyk said at a presser.

So think about it...  would you really want all that pressure from winning the Powerball?!

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