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Simon Says:  Getting bad press? Call the troops!  

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There’s no doubt President Trump has had a bad few weeks.

Although, as they say in tennis, it’s on him with all of those “unforced errors.”

But did you see that speech recently about how he is considering changes to the troop levels in Afghanistan?

Forget military strategy. This was a page from the strategy of distraction and deflection.

It’s like that scene from the movie, “No Country for Old Men”.   Remember when Javier Bardem sets the car on fire to distract everyone in a drug store so he can steal meds?

A classic case of distraction!

Other presidents have been accused of doing this. You know, turn the spotlight, so the focus goes from one issue to another.

Under pressure from a scandal dealing with weapons for hostages, some say that’s why President Reagan invaded Grenada.

At least we got a Clint Eastwood movie out of it.

Then there was President Clinton and the intern. Before you knew it, we were bombing the Balkans and Iraq.

And know with Trump, it sure feels like a case of deflection, distraction and perhaps,  “damage,”  for damage control. Agree?

Sometimes, that kind of thing works because so many people in this country work like that dog in the movie “Up”.


You know, we get attracted to the shiny new object, and that’s where the deflection comes in.

We are great at changing the narrative, especially if it can lessen the stench of scandal. Reagan and Clinton knew it, and I think Trump is seeing if it still works.

So go ahead, distract, distract, distract. It may help when things are, as Trump says, a disaster, disaster, disaster!

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