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North Texas teen’s non-profit for foster kids is booming

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PLANO -- You might remember Keleigh Axelrod - a Plano high school student we spoke to a few months ago. She created the non-profit Impacktive, to provide cps and social workers with duffle bags for foster children to use when they`re moving from home to home.

"I was adopted when I was nine months old, I was actually given a target bag," says Axelrod. "And that`s all my mother had to carry the few belongings that I took with me from my birth mother. kids my age, 16 years old, are still getting handed a trash bag when they`re removed from their biological family."

Since then, Impacktive is busting at the zippers almost tripling their monetary donations and expanding to more than five counties in Texas, and that`s not all.

"We`ve actually started an initiative, Fostering Texas serves the purpose of making sure that in the next 12-24 months all of the 254 counties in the state of Texas, and then we can go nationally."

On top of that, a major retailer has its eye on the target.

"When I was taken from my mother we were given a Target bag so it kind of comes full circle cause they`re now helping out making sure that doesn`t happen to other kids."

Yup! Target is in the bag as a sponsor.

But Keleigh says it`s not about recognition for the thousands of bags going to foster kids.

"These children who aren`t as lucky as I am, and aren`t adopted yet and are in foster care, I`m able to help them just a little bit and it means so much."

To volunteer, donate, or help in any capacity visit their Webpage or Facebook.

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