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Fort Worth police get huge donation of stuffed animals

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FORT WORTH -- Everyone needs a teddy in their life. Especially a soft cuddly one that makes you feel better when life gets hard. That's why Fort Worth PD gives frequently rescued kids a teddy or two so that can feel better.

"We deal with all kind of terrible calls all the time, unfortunately, domestic," explained William Margolis with Fort Worth PD.

When the department started running low,  Goodwill decided to do a good deed and donate a supply of stuffed animals.

"We get tons of stuffed animals at Goodwill," explained Shay Johnson with Fort Worth Goodwill. "They're donated a lot but they don't sell quite that great."

Initially, the department was willing to put a price on Pooh and the crew, but Goodwill was willing to do something even better-- give them out for free.

Goodwill promises to keep the partnership with Fort Worth police for a while. So, it's good to know, no kid will go without a cuddly pal to get them to smile.


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