Want your kids to respond to your texts ASAP? Use this new app

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Are your kids ignoring or taking their sweet time responding to an important message? This dad’s son sure was.

Nick Herbert, the creator of the new app, ReplyASAP, has made it to where his son has no choice but to respond to his important messages. The app allows users to take over recipients’ phone screens and sound an alarm that won’t stop ringing until the message, or phone call, is answered.

It even sounds when the phone is on silent.

From Herbert’s personal experience, he noticed his son ignoring his texts and calls when he started secondary school “either because he doesn’t hear the phone, or because (and I’ve finally had to admit this to myself) he may be embarrassed to speak to his Dad in front of his friends.”

Herbert and his son use the app mutually, however.

“He will also have the ability to send me these messages – so there is a mutual understanding that using ReplyASAP is only for important things and not because he needs new batteries for his Xbox controller,” Herbert says.

ReplyASAP is only available on android devices, but will be coming to IOS soon.

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