NewsFix named Best TV News Broadcast by D Magazine

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DALLAS -- "We all gather around a big conference room table, and we argue, essentially."

That's the way D Magazine Senior Editor Zac Crain describes the process of picking the winners for the annual 'Best of Big D' issue. Nothing like some good yelling to get things accomplished, right?

This year, we know one thing they were raising their voices about, and we like it!

D's description of Best TV News Broadcast

Flip to Page 91, and there it is.

NewsFix is the Editor's Choice for Best TV News Broadcast!

Maybe the funniest part? We have Kim Jong Un to thank.

D Senior Editor Zac Crain said a story about North Korea drew him to NewsFix.

"I have a 13-year-old son, and he made a point of turning it on. There was something about North Korea," Crain said.

We can only guess it was a shot of The Simpsons' Nelson Muntz 'Haha!'-ing at another failed missile launch on the Korean Peninsula.

"We both just started laughing, so he made a point of turning it on; so definitely, I brought that up, people checked it out, and they agreed with me," Crain laughed.

The magazine says we are "...the bonkers news report that 2017's bonkers news cycle demands."

“It’s something that makes you put your eyeballs on the TV. It’s something that makes you pay attention," he said.

They like that we treat every story like it's a squirrel on water skis, which we can't really argue.

Really though, we're honored D thinks of us this way. It's a big deal!

"It definitely stands out among all the other ones," Crain said. "It's a different take on the news rather than somebody just standing out on an overpass while it's raining."

Hey, we also now have something in common with tacos, theaters, and tanning salons...part of about 150 different categories that make Dallas 'D' place to be.

Look for it all in the September issue online and on your favorite newstand!

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