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Ruff Life: Peaceful as a dove with a name to match

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DALLAS -- For a dog, it seems there's no easier way to disappear than to have a litter. People love on the pups and mom might as well be missing.

Dove found out firsthand, and it nearly cost her her life.

"Dove was listed as urgent at the shelter because she had just been there for too long," Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Haley Edman said.

She was healthy, and her mascara-looking eyes are to die for, so what's the problem?

"We don't really understand why just because she is the most beautiful dog with really no known medical issues that we saw," Edman said.

Her only downfall? The shelter had her shaken.

"She was really scared in her kennel, and who wouldn't be?" Edman said. "It's a loud, foreign place, and it's just not something that dogs are really used to being in."

She thought she was out once, but it was all a terrible tease.

"Dove was adopted, and due to some unforeseen circumstances of her adopters, she was returned back to us at no fault of her own," Edman said.

Now she's ready to show her good side, starting with a calming presence perfect for her name.

"She loves hugs," Edman said. "She likes being around her humans the most."

And her sandy color works in her favor this month! She's part of Dallas Pets Alive!'s 'Get a Tan' special. That means she's half off.

Oh, speaking of half off...

"She likes to play for about 10 minutes, and then she'll sleep for two hours," Edman laughed.

Sleepy or sweaty, sandy Dove's your tan companion-in-waiting!

If you think you could help Dallas Pets Alive! by adopting or fostering an animal in need, check out their website.

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