It’s a miracle! Baby rescued from rubble after Earthquake devastates Italian island

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ISCHIA, ITALY-- A miracle caught on camera after Mother Nature wreaked havoc on the Italian Island of Ischia. A crowd applauded  a rescue team for saving a seven-month-old baby after a 4.3 earthquake rocked the island Monday.

Last check, the earthquake reportedly left two dead, dozens injured, and thousands without a place to sleep.

One silver lining in this tragedy is that several young lives were saved after being stuck under debris for hours. The baby's two older brothers were also rescued after allegedly being trapped for more than 15 hours.

But this isn't the only island rebuilding after devastation!

A 6.5 earthquake struck the Philippines' Luzon Island earlier this month and a 4.9 earthquake left over a dozen dead in China's Sichuan province.


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