Haven’t met his parents yet? Well, maybe you’re getting “stashed”

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When it comes to dating, things can get real complicated real fast!

Thankfully we've got all of those trending terms to help keep us hip to the dating scene.  Some of the familiar ones are "bread-crumbing and/or "ghosting" -- but the latest one is called "stashing".

We know, we know ... stashing kind of sounds like some secret storage of food, drugs, or money.

Well, that's not quite it.

It actually means you're the one getting stashed away.

An article in Metro basically breaks "stashing" down as this scenario:

You've been dating him/her for some time, everything is going smoothly until it hits you...

You've never ever, met his/her parents, or friends. Even worse... you've never been to his/her house.

Yep ... mind blowing.

Want to know the reason behind stashing? Well, think about it: either they don't really like you OR just maybe, they're not ready to show you off.

If this sounds all too familiar, it may be time to stash them away for good!