These chickens wear reflective vests so cars can see them crossing the road

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BLAIRGOWRIE, Scotland – Why did the chickens cross the road? Maybe they wanted to show off their stylish safety gear!

The hens live at the Glenshieling House in Southern Highlands, Scotland, where they greet guests of the bed and breakfast and provide fresh eggs. But a couple of the 14 hens sometimes like to wander off the property, owners Richard and Louise Lennox told Inside To keep them safe, the couple ordered custom-made reflective vests so drivers will see the ‘Glensheiling Girls’ in the road.

But don’t think becoming fashion icons of the animal world has not gone to their heads; the chicks are very social, enjoy being inside, and are the hit of the house. “When guests arrive, they love to see the hens and they’re always surprised by how friendly the hens are,” Louise said to Inside Edition. “The hens will gather at their feet and knock on the glass.” Feathered friends, indeed!

So who makes a living creating reflective vests for chickens?? Apparently, it can be done.

We don’t know where the Lennox’s outfitted their flock, but as more and more people are keeping chickens as pets or for fresh eggs in the city, there is, apparently, a market.

A company called Omlet (That’s really cute, right? Chicken>Egg>Omelette>Omlet) offers the High-Vis Chicken Jacket with velcro strips for good fit and an insulated lining (approved by NASA, they say) to keep the less-feathered or colder climate chickens warm on colder winter nights.

And that’s not all. They come in different colors — yellow, blue, or pink.