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Cowboys celebrate practicing at home with opening ceremony

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FRISCO, TX -- The boys are back in town!

It seems like it's been forever and a day since the Cowboys have strapped up the pads at The Star, but they're back, baby! They celebrated the only way Jerry Jones knows how, by being a little extra and kicking things off with an opening ceremony.

Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney opened up the festivities, "Greetings Cowboy Nation! Welcome to Frisco, TX, the world wide headquarters and home of your Dallas Cowboys."

Jerry Jones took the microphone and said, "You'll see a lot of competition out here, thank you for being here."

Usually opening ceremonies are for big time events, you know, with things like the Olympics or the World Cup. Even the Super Bowl does a little something!

All of this just for practice? Nothing wrong with a little party! Plus, it gave fans a chance to see their favorite players, new and old, on the field.

One fan said, "Being able to actually come down see the practice, see how the Cowboys are doing, see a couple of these rookies coming into action, it feels great."

The boys have had two pre-season games so far, winning their last one 24-19 against the Colts.

Let's hope now that they've had a little bit of home time, they can keep up the good work come game day.

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