Houston man charged with trying to blow up Confederate statue

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Time Bomb

HOUSTON – A Houston man has been charged of trying to plant explosives at a Confederate statue on Saturday.

The man, Andrew Schneck, 25, was arrest after a park ranger spotted him kneeling in bushes in front of a statue of Confederate officer Richard Dowling.

According to officials, when confronted by the ranger, Schneck tried to drink some liquid explosives, but spit it out.

When asked if he was attempting to harm the statue, Schneck said he did because he didn’t “like that guy.”

Schneck was found with two small boxes of viable explosive, a timer, a battery, wires connected to a homemade detonator and an explosive compound. He also told law enforcement that he had other chemicals at his home.

He was released from probation early last year after being convicted of storing explosives in 2015.

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