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Everyone who watched the eclipse just cost America millions

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DALLAS, TX -- For a couple minutes, most everyone went outside, looked up at the sky (hopefully with some sort of eye protection), and took a gander at the solar eclipse.

Did you think about how many people stopped whatever they were doing to get a glimpse of history? Whether it was stepping away from their work desk for a couple minutes, or taking the whole day off, that adds up to a lot of money lost.

Turns out, American employers will be out a reported $700 million for just 20 minutes of lost productivity from their workers. Millions of dollars for an eclipse y'all!

Nothing beats being unproductive like the internet.

The internet trolls are going crazy with eclipse memes, like this one:

Paris Hilton poked fun with her own picture who posted:

Other people are having a blast with the "Twilight" series book "Eclipse":

Also, some gum:

When POTUS and FLOTUS went outside, Trump looked directly at the sun without glasses! Someone was even heard saying, "Don't look!"

Well, at least we forgot about our problems for a few minutes. It's back to reality now, with millions of dollars lost, and potentially blind Americans.

Certainly an unforgettable 2017 solar eclipse.

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