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Eclipse mania hits DFW

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DALLAS — Eclipse mania hit Dallas hard today! Not quite like thousands of years ago with mass panic and human sacrifices, but with lines that stretched for blocks to get eclipse glasses, like the one outside the Perot Museum for their official eclipse watch party.

“We are so excited to have this many people showing an interest and a love and enthusiasm for science,” said Mary Baerg, Chief Experience Officer at the Perot Museum. “We certainly did not expect thousands and thousands of people here today but we’ve already got a line around the building and again we’re just so excited to have people come celebrate and choose to celebrate at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.”

Yep, and some of the celebrators came in style, like Barbara Tomasino, also known as Trump Dress Lady, who put together a special eclipse dress.

“Once every hundred years here, so I’ll turn around and do it again in seven more years,” Tomasino said.

That's right. While we had to settle for 75% coverage here in Dallas today, in April of 2024 we get a total eclipse. And the Perot Museum hopes that the interest in science and astronomy today might inspire some of these kids to studying that eclipse when it comes.

“I think we certainly hope that people will leave feeling inspired, uplifted and curious,” Baerg said. “If they leave with just more inspiration about the world around them and stay curious that is an amazing thing that they get to bring home with them today.”

And hey, it took some hard science back in the day for us to find out what was actually causing eclipses, and keeping us from freaking out. So who knows what these little astronomers might discover in the future.

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