Photos show attempted bombing suspect’s “bunker”

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We're learning more about the man feds say tried to set off a bomb outside an Oklahoma City bank over the weekend.

The feds say Jerry Drake Varnell called a shipping container his "bunker" and wanted to use it to make an ammonium nitrate bomb.

That's the same kind Timothy McVeigh used back in 1995 when he blew up the Oklahoma City federal building back in 1995. That bomb killed 168 people and destroyed the building.

Varnell's bomb didn't hurt anyone. The feds say Varnell was working with an accomplice who gave him the bomb. That accomplice was really an undercover FBI agent. The bomb was a fake.

Daily Mail got the pics from Varnell's mother. She says they only prove he's a paranoid schizophrenic.

She says he never would have done something like this if the federal agent hadn't been egging him on and making both the vehicle and the bomb available to him.

Varnell could get 20 years in prison for the attempted bombing.

"Anything, especially in Oklahoma relating back to the bombing of 1995, that there would be a domestic terrorism act, relating to violence or bombing, is something that will be looked at," former FBI agent Douglas Samuels told KFOR.

But if his mom is right about his mental state, you can count on hearing an insanity defense.

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