Website tracks active hate groups in Texas

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DALLAS -- How well do you know your neighbors?

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has put together a map revealing active hate groups around the country, digging up several right here in north Texas.

"This day in time, I think that it should be over by now," said resident Robert Robinson. "But there's probably always going to be some hate in the world."

The SPLC has hits for about a dozen different hate groups in the Dallas-Fort Worth area,  listing everything from the KKK, to Black Separatist organizations.

"Don't even know you, and they still hate you," Robinson said.

The SPLC says they've seen a boom in hate groups popping up since Y2K, and all together, there are 55 different hate organizations in Texas.

So, it seems some folks around here are keeping these hate groups up and running.

The only question now is, who?