Spice of Blythe: Eat for a Good Cause!

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I'm so excited because this is such a special time for a really great week to support not only your neighborhoods but your local restaurants. It's Restaurant Week or here in Dallas, Restaurant Weeks!

It's one of the great weeks to celebrate your local city, local chefs, and neighbors.

Restaurant week consists of going out to local restaurants that participate, they provide a three or four course menu at a set price and $10 of that goes back to the North Texas Food Bank or the Lena Pope home in Fort Worth.

You can try new restaurants, meet new chefs, and meet some neighbors,get involved in a good cause! Every restaurant focuses on their style of food.

Maybe you're coming for a great appetizer like biscuits and butter, deviled eggs to Spice up your Blythe... I mean life... or a little bit of desserts that restaurants might not normally have.

Support your community for a great cause, support your local restaurants and businesses.

Dallas isn't the only city participating, (even though we think it's the best as it's Blythe's 15th year) but every city across the country is raising money, awareness, and helping those in need.

My Spice of Blythe is: Eat for a good cause! Who doesn't love great food? Who doesn't love supporting a cause? Who doesn't love a little food they don't normally get helping everybody in your neighborhood?

Come out and see us, come out and meet the chefs, and eat for a great cause!