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Pay Up! Molly the Trolley in Fort Worth is now charging fares

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FORT WORTH -- There's one chick who runs the streets in Fort Worth: Molly the Trolley.

Molly's been the "go-to-girl" for a free ride around town for years, but now she's done letting people run all over her, and she's telling you to pay up! Two dollars will get you one fare, or you can cruise all day for five bucks.

"That will cover a small portion of the operating expenses," said Laura Hanna of the Fort Worth Transportation Authority. "But it costs basically $1 million each year to operate Molly.  We run 12 hours a day, 365 days a year. So, that adds up."

Even though the freebies are gone, riders say Molly's well worth the cash in this Texas heat.

"I mean $2 is $2," said rider Jane Musgrove. "You don't have to walk. I'm not using my shoes, I'm not hurting my feet, it was lovely."

This just proves, once again, that there are no free rides in life.

Not even on Molly.

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