Uh… Is that a Chupacabra?!

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SANTEE, SC -- There's some seriously weird stuff going down in South Carolina!

Last week, Doug Stewart went golfing in Santee, South Carolina when he stumbled across a weird looking animal. So he snapped a few pics, posted it to Facebook, and had one question.

Some people say it has a striking resemblance to a Chupacabra! A creature that supposedly drinks the blood from livestock, especially goats. Not to mention, it's not the prettiest thing to look at.

Nowadays, people claim they've seen the legendary animal, and that's what a lot of folks are saying about these pictures. Others say it's a coyote or dog with mange, which would be the most logical explanation.

Not too far away, officials are warning locals to be on the lookout for the "Lizard Man" during the upcoming solar eclipse. South Carolina locals think the eclipse is going to bring some spooky paranormal activity around. So the South Carolina Emergency Management Division posted a slightly sarcastic picture where there's been possible "Lizard Man" sightings.

Cops also mentioned if you see Bigfoot, don't shoot him. It's probably just some human having fun.

Chupacabras, lizard men, Bigfoot. Remind us NOT to visit South Carolina anytime soon.