Travel Fix: $100 goes a long way in Hong Kong

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Ever wonder what you could do with $100 in the world's most expensive city?

Well, Travel Fix's Drew Binsky took on that challenge! While on a 30-day tourist visa in the Philippines, Drew had to leave the country and come back to get his visa renewed.

"You could leave for one hour, you could leave for one day, you just have to get the stamp out, and then you can come back in," Drew told NewsFix.

So, he decided to travel to Hong Kong for 24  hours and gave himself a $100 budget!

"That includes the hotel, all the food and transportation," Drew said.

Drew arrived on a Saturday night and began exploring the city, "There's a really fun area called Lan Kwai Fong, which is like a bunch of foreigners and locals. And a bunch of cars and clubs."

He then crashed at a tiny $30 hotel, which was the cheapest room he could find on

"I could almost extend my arms from the front door to the back wall, and it was a tiny twin bed. I'm only 5'7' and my feet were hanging from the bed."

Drew walked all around the city and then took a cable car up to the mountain to see the largest Buddha in the world, which was $25 round trip.

"That was the second most expensive thing and everything else was under 10 bucks: beers, meals. I took a lot of metros, which were two dollars a ride or one dollar a ride," Drew said.

And after all of that, Drew only spent $99 and some change!

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