Judge dismisses DJ’s case against Taylor Swift

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DENVER, CO -- Taylor Swift's bad blood is boiling after a DJ allegedly got a little too touchy!

DJ David Mueller filed a lawsuit for $3 million against T-Swift, claiming she got his behind fired after saying he groped her behind at a meet and greet.

A Colorado judge said the proof is in the pudding, and he did not have any pudding! So the case against the singer was dismissed.

Get this, Taylor counter-sued for just one dollar and a chance to stand up for women everywhere.

Swift's testimony certainly did not disappoint. She told the court "I don't want people sticking their hands up my skirt and grabbing my cheeks during meet and greets."

When things got testy, she said "I'm not going to allow you or your client to make me feel in any way that this is my fault, because it isn't."

You go, girl! Even though they're not "Out of the Woods" yet, Taylor Swift couldn't shake this one off, and is one step closer to putting the infamous picture behind her.