Chew on This: Dallas’ Ocean Prime has 3 tips for great steaks

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DALLAS – It's summer, which means folks are firing up the grill left and right. And of all the meats, steak is a favorite of many. With Sunday being National Filet Mignon Day, we thought we'd hit up Chef Sonny Pache of Ocean Prime in Dallas to show us how to make a flawless filet, with three crucial tips.

Number One: Temperature is key for both the meat and whatever you're using to cook it.

"We typically like to take the chill off of them out of the refrigerator first,” Pache told Newsfix. "I've kind of pulled these out about 15 minutes ahead of time before I'm going to start cooking them. And that's very important, whatever vessel you use, whether it's a grill or a cast iron pan. We cook our steaks at 1500°."

Number Two: When it comes to the seasoning, k.i.s.s! You know - keep it simple stupid!

"Straight beef,” Pache said. “We want to keep the integrity of the beef to what its natural flavor is, so we just like to use salt and pepper for the seasoning."

Number Three: Last but not least, let it rest! While it's cooking...

"Cooking any protein on your grill, or in your cast iron skillet, you don't really want to mess with it too much,” Pache said. “You kind of want to let the cooking process happen naturally."

…and when it's done.

"When you're letting it rest, you allow that juice to distribute throughout the steak itself,” Pache told Newsfix.

Chew on This: Ocean Prime is offering up these succulent steaks at a discount during DFW Restaurant Week, so be sure to pop in before it ends on Sunday. You won't want to miss the sides, like the jalapeno au gratin, the chophouse corn, and the parmesan truffle fries.

Whether you're dining out, or doing it yourself – enjoy! You deserve it!