Fort Worth dog goes missing during carjacking

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FORT WORTH--For Pam Wilson, the past five days have been an emotional rollercoaster.

"Pinki was in the car and I came out, and the guy was getting in my car and driving away," Wilson said.

Wilson was carjacked after she ran into a convenience store near her home. But the suspect didn't just make off with her car. He also rode away with her five-year-old terrier, Pinki.

"She's just as sweet as she can be," Wilson said. "God forbid if anything's happened to her."

Fort Worth Police say the man who's responsible for the theft has been arrested. But the suspect claims he let Pinki out of the car after he took off. Since then, no one has been able to spot her.

"It's just like having part of your arm torn off," Wilson said. "She's with me all of the time."

For now, Wilson's putting up flyers all around River Oaks and Fort Worth in hopes that someone can bring her best friend back home.

"I just don't know what I'm going to do without her," Wilson said.

If you've seen Pinki, you can her make it home safely by dialing 817-313-5182, or by contacting the Fort Worth Police Department.


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