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Ruff Life: For Dorothy, there’s no place like home–your home!

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DALLAS -- There was a time when Dorothy had a home, a family, and most likely some happiness.

But then a twister blew through her life. She wasn't in Kansas anymore. She was in the shelter, surrendered by her family. For sweet Dorothy, things looked dire.

"She was a matted mess. She even had to be sedated so they could cut the mats off her feet," said Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Haley Edman.

It gets worse. Way worse.

"Poor Dorothy actually suffered from one of the worst cases of bladder stones our veterinarian partner has ever seen," Edman said. "She literally was just peeing stones."

The Wicked Witch of the West would be a vacation from this pup's problems!

And if it wasn't bad enough...

"Just when you thought I was done, Dorothy actually lost almost all of her teeth, and she's blind," Edman said.

Yep. Lights out.

But she's back to being healthy now, and she's ready to reclaim her life.

"She's good with dogs, kids, cats," Edman said.

And scarecrows, tin men, and cowardly lions too, we bet!

Everyone has a hope, and hers is a home. Oh, and she'll happily welcome you home.

"Right when you get home she does a little happy dance for you, so if you want a dog who's going to be excited when you get home, Dorothy's your gal," Edman said.

As long as your home means her home too.

Get some ruby slippers and adopt Dorothy!

If you think you could help Dallas Pets Alive! by adopting or fostering an animal in need, check out their website:

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