Mission Accomplished: DFW girls learn life skills at unique summer camp

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DALLAS -- Last month, they were Lady Generals in training and now, they're proving to the world they can be anything they want when given the right tools!

Camp creator Keisha Coleman put together the first ever Lady General Summer Camp for 40 minority girls in DFW!

"A Lady General is pretty much a woman -- or young woman -- who has aspirations to be exceptional and extraordinary," Coleman explained.

The 3-day camp consisted of workshops teaching leadership, money management, public speaking skills, and etiquette.

"It was rigorous," one Lady General in training, Jadan Crow, said. "It wasn't too much; it was a really good pace. They help us grow, not only on a professional level, but on a personal level as well."

Friday night, the young women put on a special mixer in Downtown Dallas for public and political figures in DFW.

"We taught them how to develop their own resources,"  Coleman said of the special evening. "They used everything in their toolboxes and blueprints, and this is the practical application of that."

Coleman believes experiences like these are essential for young girls in the community.

"When I was coming up, there was no such resource," she added. "There were either things for the exceptional kids, or there were things for the inner city trouble kids."