Lancaster police ID gun-wielding suspect in road rage incident

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UPDATE: Lancaster police say the man, 49-year-old Joseph Sida, turned himself in Monday, claiming his actions were in self defense.

LANCASTER – Police in Lancaster are looking for this road rage suspect accused of pointing a gun at a woman Friday on I-35.

Police say a female driver called 911 to report someone in a  silver 2016 Nissan Versa driving erratically in northbound lane of I-35E, just south of Interstate Highway 20. Victoria Best, the driver reporting the incident, began recording the silver car with her cell phone and later posted the photos and video to her Facebook page.

“This happened to me yesterday on my way to work, when I realized that my life was in danger I broke down in front of my coworkers….I’m posting this just to let everyone know that any day could be your last and also to warn everyone to be aware of your surroundings, I’m truly blessed to be alive today please call Lancaster PD, Detective M.Gary”

The photos and video show the suspect pointing a gun at her. After a news story and thousands of shares of her Facebook post, a possible suspect has been identified and police are working to confirm and bring in the suspect for questioning.

Anyone with information on the suspect or this specific incident is asked to call the Lancaster Police Department.