British model kidnapped and stuffed in suitcase was supposed to be sold as sex slave

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MILAN, ITALY -- It's a scene straight out of the movies! A 20-year old British model drugged and stuffed inside a suitcase.

Chloe Ayling thought she was on her way to a photoshoot in Milan. Spoiler alert: The shoot wasn't legit.

Instead, two men grabbed her, injected her with a tranquilizer, put her in a suitcase, threw her in the trunk of a car, then drove across Italy to a farmhouse where she was handcuffed and kept prisoner for six days.

The kidnappers are reportedly members of a group called "Black Death" who kidnap and sell women to the highest bidder.

The original plan was to auction Chloe off on the internet as a sex slave for $353,000, but when she told her captors she had a two-year-old son, they suddenly had a change of heart because kidnapping mothers is apparently "against the rules."

So they demanded a $300,000 ransom from her modeling agency instead. When the ransom was arranged , 30-year old Lukusz Herba dropped Chloe off at the British consulate, and that's when police swooped in and arrested his dumb behind.

Chloe is safe back at home and the bad guys aren't getting their money!

Good guys 1, villains 0.


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