Army soldier reunited with dog after deployment

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Phoenix, AZ — Buster the Chihuahua last snuggled with his owner one year ago, when she had to leave him to serve her country.

April, a U.S. Army soldier from Phoenix, wasn’t sure what would happen to her furry friend, the only family she had, once she was deployed to Kuwait.

A Valley organization stepped up and helped put her mind at ease.

The Arizona Humane’ s Society’s Project Active Duty program provides long-term foster care for the pets of soldiers who are called to serve overseas.

During April’s deployment, Buster was being cared for by a volunteer named Linda, of Sun Lakes.

On Sunday, the time finally came when April and Buster would be reunited.

The happy tears rolled down April’s face and Buster couldn’t stop wagging his tail in excitement when they reunited.

There was no doubt these two were always meant to find their way back to each other, and it was made possible thanks to a special program that serves those who serve our country.