Apps and plugins help avoid spoilers for your favorite show

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Did you watch Game of Thrones on Sunday?

Don’t worry. We won't spoil anything here. But for many folks who watch on a delay, social media can be a minefield.

“I don’t think people should give stuff like that away,” Marcus Wilson said. “I don’t care if it’s a show that has been off the air for several years, if someone hasn’t seen it yet, you don’t want to ruin that experience for them.”

Things like characters who were killed off and major plot twists seem to find their way onto the web.

“Earlier this year I unfriended a person that spoiled 'Logan' for me. It happens. You don't want to see stuff like that in your feed on Facebook,” Wilson said.

For those who want to avoid the spoiler, you have a few tech savvy options at your fingertips. Android and iPhone users can use an app called Spoiler Shield that will block the unwanted content.

Meanwhile, on your home computer, you can also use a plug in for Google Chrome called Unspoiler.

“At the time we were working on this, I think Game of Thrones season 2 or 3 was just airing and we thought a browser extension will work really well for blocking spoilers you find online.”

Trevor Moore helped develop this browser plug in, where you just type in keywords that you do not want spoiled.

“If you are watching “Game Of Thrones”, you can type in “Game Of Thrones” or “Jon Snow”, and then anytime that text, those keywords, show up on a website, Unspoiler will replace the entirety of that text with little boxes that say "potentially a spoiler.”

Of course, the easiest way to avoid the spoilers is this is just to stay off your phone and social media.