SEE IT: Two in custody for brutally beating man on Dart Rail

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DEEP ELLUM -- After a brutal beatdown on a train ride home, Kennan Jones is just happy he's alive! But justice hasn't been derailed for him. Cops say they've tracked down two of the guys seen jumping Jones in the video.

Both 21-year-old Jakobi Hendrix and 23-year-old Remon Hendrix have been taken into custody.

"I'm glad that the justice system is working and people are concerned enough to try to address this issue as quick as possible," explained Jones.

Although it looks like the suspects will all face punishment, Jones says he's demanding Dart step up its security!

"It's like we're paying money for a service and a part of that service is protection," he added.

What's really crazy is why the attack allegedly happened in the first place.

Jones says the group got heated after he simply asked them to stop smoking weed on the train. In return, Jones received countless punches, dropkicks and one girl used a skateboard on him!

Jones says he has several scars on the head and has pain in his knee and rib cage.

He also says it's pretty clear that he needed help right away but that reportedly wasn't the case when officials did arrive.

"I was on my back and they were asking me questions repeatedly and I was there for like five or six minutes being asked questions without being looked at," he told NewsFix.  "I ended up calling the police while I was there like 'I need help' and they started laughing at me like 'he's calling the police and we're right here.'"

We can probably all get on board with getting every guilty person in this video behind bars!



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