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Report: Millennials didn’t know they can watch TV for free by using an antenna

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Have you ever seen one of these?

Vintage Television With Antenna : Stock Photo

Well, according to a Wall Street Journal article, if you're a millennial, these rabbit ears are probably new to you.

Yeah, apparently, millennials are just now realizing they can get free TV by using an antenna.

Marley Kayden, with Dose Chicago, joined Morning Dose on Thursday to talk about it.

"The article claims that young people are behind a surge in antenna sales as they discover the decades-old technology. Antenna sales are actually up 63 percent since 2009," Kayden said.

So what if we were to do another survey, what other things millennials might not know about?

What about Sam Goody's and FYE? Those are stores that used to sell CD's before digital music downloads took over.

And what about disposable cameras? When people used to develop their pictures. Yeah, before they were things you could zoom-in, edit or post on social media, pictures were actually things you could hold in your hands!

Well - now back to the antenna discovery, Kayden says there is one thing the article failed to mention.

"The antenna sales are also booming because lots of people are looking to save money. Paid TV has become really expensive. On average, it costs American house holds pay $103 a month. So antennas are just another way they can get TV and not have to pay that hefty cable bill," Kayden said.

OK, so maybe it's not always because of the millennials.

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