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Meet the Cowboys fan who trolled Eagles training camp in a Dez jersey

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PHILADELPHIA, PA — There’s no secret that Philly fans hate the Cowboys, but that didn't stop one Cowboys fan from taking on the enemy army. Eagles beat writer Ed Kracz snapped this photo of a Dallas die-hard waltzing into Philadelphia’s training camp in a Dez Bryant jersey.

Well, NewsFix was able to hunt down the fan! His name is Anthony Faulk. He's a Philly resident and a die-hard Boys fan. He was actually told he would have to remove his Dez jersey or leave the camp.

“This guy that claims he’s some kind of security for the Eagles, he walks up and says, ‘that’s disrespectful, that’s a slap in the Eagles face, you have to remove that jersey,’” Faulk recounted.

But Anthony stood strong.

“He winds up walking away,” Faulk said. “I never took the jersey off.”

So how did Faulk become a Cowboys fan in the city of Brotherly Love anyways?

“I’ve been a Cowboys fan since I was maybe 9 or 10,” said Faulk. “I was told I couldn’t be a Cowboys fan so I wind up picking the Cowboys out of spite!”

Sounds like Eagles fans keep failing when they tell Anthony what to do!

This true-blue Dallas fan in enemy territory is already inspiring the fan base. Even Drew Pearson put out a tweet that he wanted to find the fan and thank him.

So it may still be 3 more months before the Boys and Eagles actually clash on the field again, but thanks to Anthony it looks like Dallas is already ahead in the off the field fan fight.

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