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DART police make first arrest in train beating

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DALLAS--Dallas Area Rapid Transit police made the first arrest in a brutal beating incident.

Jakobi Darion Hendrix, 21, was arrested Monday afternoon and taken to the Lew Sterrett Justice center.

The arrest comes four days after a Dallas man took a DART train ride that left him in the hospital.

“I have some head injuries, a bruise to the head, and I have bruised ribs right here. I can feel it; it really hurts,” Kennan Jones said.

Jones says he was headed back home from school around 11:30 Sunday night when he noticed a group of people on the train were smoking a joint.

“That’s what brought me into it, when they started smoking,” Jones told NewsFix. “I asked them, 'Hey man, y’all chill. Put that out right now; we are on the train. Have some respect.' They contended to tell me, 'Who are you? You can’t make us do nothing.'

The fight spilled out of the train and on to the platform at the DART station on Good-Latimer Expressway in Deep Ellum.

“My reaction when I saw the video, I was like, 'That`s really messed up.' I am glad I am alive!”

Jones says he plans on pressing charges on the attackers, if and when they are found. But he's not going to let this incident keep him from riding the DART train.

“I have to. We cannot bow down to wrong when it happens.”

If you’ve got any info about the attack, you are urged to contact DART police, because violence like this on the DART train is off the rails.

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