How to help North Texas tornado victims

House family was scammed into buying sold at auction

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UPDATE: A GoFundMe page has been set up to try to help the family.

DALLAS — Monday, we told you the story of a family conned into buying a house that the seller didn’t own. Well, Tuesday was the last gasp for the people working with the family, with the house up for auction at the George Allen Courthouse.

Local activist Anthony Bond arrived with hope, carrying a $15,000 check provided by Dallas County DA Faith Johnson to bid on the house, with the backup plan being to convince the winner of the bid to work with the family.

But this is no fairy tale, and there’s no happy ending. The bidding quickly shot past Bond’s 15 grand limit, and the eventual winner does not wish to work out a deal with the family to allow them to stay in the house.

“This is very emotional for me,” Bond said after the auction. “This is the end of a two-year battle. It just demonstrates to me that we live in a very cold, a very cruel world.”

The winning bid was $37,000. Jose Inez Palma has invested nearly 70 grand in the home over the last two years.

“It looks like the only option is to begin the process of finding another place to go and they’ve lost their life savings,” said Bond.

But even with the loss today, Bond isn’t giving up the fight.

“This is not the end,” Bond said. “We’re gonna raise money for this family and I pray that we can find them even a better place.”

For now, though, the family of nine’s future is in doubt. They need a miracle just to have a place to sleep.

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