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Watch Michael Phelps finally swim with real sharks

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It may be easier to forgive Michael Phelps for not actually racing next to a real shark now that he did finally, at least, swim with some — and they were not tiny — on Discovery’s Shark School With Michael Phelps.

Doesn’t matter how many records you hold or many gold medals you have; even Michael Phelps had to work his way up the shark-ladder first. Fifty miles off the coast of Florida, on the tiny island of Bimini in the Bahamas, he joined a team of renowned shark scientists who gave the Olympian a crash course on everything shark.

“Watching them come up and literally open their mouth right in front of your face… I mean, there were times when there were sharks probably like six inches from me, and that was insane”, Phelps told Yahoo.

Phelps started off in the shallows with some stingrays, but it wasn’t long before he was ready for some real action.


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