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Allen Iverson ballin’ at casino before ditching BIG3 game in Dallas?!

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DALLAS — No doubt, the BIG3  basketball game was one of the hottest events to hit Big D. But its main guy… A.I. was M.I.A.!

Yeah, Allen Iverson reportedly left co-founder Ice Cube out in the cold when he “unexpectedly” didn’t show up. According to a press release from The Big 3 League, Iverson was “expected” to be at the three-on-three games in Dallas, but his no call-no show force the league to launch an investigation.

They probably don’t have to do too much digging because TMZ posted photos of A.I.  balling at a casino hours before the game. Iverson was allegedly spotted gambling at a casino in Des Plaines, Illinois Saturday night into early Sunday morning.

Pics even appear to show him chilling at a restaurant in the same city Sunday night. Keep in mind, the games he blew off in Dallas started at 2 pm on Sunday. Other shots from the past weeks also show him chilling with a stack of chips at a few more casinos.

Gambling problem or not, why did he decide to ditch his Dallas fans?! C’mon maaaaan.

Word on the street is although Cube has made Allen Iverson the face of the league, he really hasn’t been playing as much as expected. Let’s just hope A.I.  a.k.a “The Answer” has a good answer for his questionable absence.

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