911 problems return to North Texas in four cities

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NORTH TEXAS --  "Can you hear me now?"

It's the five words from the commercial we'll never forget, and if you were a 911 operator in Garland, Plano, Rowlett, or Wylie the last 24 hours, the answer was probably, "No."

"We started getting calls that we couldn't hear, couldn't understand," said Plano 911 Public Information Coordinator Susan Rodriguez. "Calls were coming in without all the information."

You've all had a call where it took all your concentration to understand what the person on the other end was trying to say. Imagine that happening in an emergency situation!

The problem wasn't the same across the board. While caller ID was also glitching in Plano, it was a saving grace in Garland.

"The second we couldn't get the information we wanted, we hang up and call again. Luckily, we've gotten a hold of every single person that has called," Garland Police Officer Alberto Irizarry said.

The problem?

A TMobile line was cut, and Frontier Communications had to get busy. The problem started Sunday afternoon, but by 3:15 Monday afternoon all four cities were full systems go.

"I think they realize the ramifications of 'Hello, this is 911,'" Rodriguez said.

Does this all sound a little familiar?

It should.

Ghost calls from TMobile numbers clogged up Dallas' 911 centers earlier this year, even playing a part in a small child dying as the babysitter waited on hold for an hour. Now add this.

Our call centers understand your expectations.

"They expect 911 to answer. They expect for there to be someone to answer their call and send them some help," Rodriguez said.

But since we keep having these problems, maybe we need to get our call center saints some help of their own.

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