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LISTEN: Shaq drops Lavar Ball diss track

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LOS ANGELES — Shaq just dropped a Lavar Ball diss track that’s being called everything from straight fire… to straight trash.

You want to battle D’s, you better have endurance
Before you crash man, get that General Insurance
Or get some Icy Hot, rub it on your back
Before you break that f****** around with Shaq

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Lonzo Ball was the Lakers first-round draft pick. Lavar is his VERY outspoken dad. This whole rivalry with Shaq tipped off back in May when Shaq called out Lavar for his Big Baller shoes which cost nearly $500.

Well, like any Big Baller would, Daddy Ball retaliated claiming he and his son, LaMelo, could “kill” Shaq and his son on the court.

Sounds like fighting words to us. So Shaq hit him with this in his diss track:

First you can beat Mike, then you can beat me
Wake that [BLEEP] up, you havin’ a dream
And when you wake up, apologize
And bow down to my Staples Center statue hangin’ off the side
Of the building, excuse me, arena
I feel like Martin with the flow, damn, Gina

In an interesting twist, Shaq actually went on to give Lavar props on his parenting skills. Think that’ll keep Lavar from hitting back with his own diss track?

For the love of good music… PLEASE DON’T!

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