Travel Fix: why Drew ditches hotels for Airbnb

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Travel Fix's Drew Binsky is always on the go.

When it comes to booking accomodations for his trips, he ditches hotels and uses Airbnb.

"Since I've been traveling full-time for about four years now, I've been using Airbnb, primarily. Pretty much 90% of my accommodations are through Airbnb," Drew says.

He says it's a fantastic way to meet people and look like a local. He says they're often the same price or even cheaper than hotels.

Drew says, "With Airbnb, I often usually find really cheap rates, because some people put their hotels or homes on discounted rates."

You can  even contact them directly and negotiate the prices.

"You can find 10 different places that you like and pull them up, in all 10 different tabs and then contact all the hosts and copy & paste the sentence," Drew says.

He says he's saved over $1,000 by doing that.

But the price tag isn't the only reason Drew likes to use Airbnb. He says you often get to meet locals, who can give you good recommendations.

"You're living in a local apartment, so you really have a more local feel of the city, as opposed to like a hotel," Drew says. "It's a much more authentic experience."

And if you're worried about safety and bad service, Drew says just read the reviews on the website.

"I always read the reviews. You can read the comments. People don't lie about that,  it's a community. I've stayed at 50 Airbnb properties and I've never once felt unsafe or harassed, " Drew said.

Well, if you want to see what country Drew will be checking into next, you can follow him on Snapchat!

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