Simon Says: Is your boss a bully? Let’s make a federal case of it!

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How’s your work/life balance going?

I figured.

You know the thing that can make or break that balance?   A boss who’s a bully!

A few years back, a story in Forbes claimed about 35 percent of you have been the target of a bully boss.

That same story listed 25 signs that your boss is throwing you under the bus.

(You listening, Jeff Sessions?  It hasn’t been easy lately being Attorney General has it?)

Some of the “signs” include a boss who:

  • falsely accuses you of errors,
  • is nonverbally intimidating,
  • harshly and constantly criticizes.

Well, how would you feel  if your boss tweeted you’re  “weak” or “beleaguered?”

If this kind of drama between the President and  Attorney General were going on at your job, it would definitely end up in HR.

You've got to feel for Jeff Sessions. Forget politics. When your bromance turns sour, you’re going to lose sleep at night.

So Mr. Sessions, here’s a quick session on how to deal. I’ll tell what I’ve always told my kids when they are the target of a bully.

Ignore. Ignore.  Ignore.

Bullies keep coming back when the target squirms and gets uncomfortable.