More women are packing heat with cute accessories!

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DALLAS - The fashion world is always evolving, and that doesn't exclude the world of guns.

"With any shirt, it'll stick out at the bottom. It does look fashionable; you don't know it's a concealed carry garment," saidLisa with Nickel and Lace, who was at a gun show in Fort Worth this spring.

It might be time to bite the bullet and buy something, but not everyone's aware that these options are even out there!

"I actually never thought about it," Dallas local said.

"I had no idea," said another.

Social Science Research Network reports the number of people with handgun permits has almost tripled from 2007 to 2016, with the number of women increasing twice as quickly as men.

And with more women packing heat, why wouldn't companies find a cuter way to hide the trigger?

"Anything that's discreet and not bulky, I don't know, I'd probably consider it," said one local.

"I think it's a great option. Everybody should have a gun, especially a woman, you know? Safety's number one," said another local.

Maybe muggers should think twice about attacking someone who doesn't look like they're carrying.

Just don't shoot the messenger.