Florida man live streams on Facebook as he recklessly drives on Clearwater beach, nearly hitting beach goers

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One Florida man gave social media outlets another reason to crack down on live streams.

27-year-old Ryan Stiles apparently thought it was a good idea to live stream himself on Facebook while he drove recklessly on the beach.

Stiles plowed down chairs and umbrellas, and nearly hit people!

In the video, he's heard saying "we're going down tonight," while police chased him down the beach. He took a sip from a liquor bottle and said, "going down in history, bro!"

And that just might be true! Turns out, Stiles has a lengthy police record. Now he can add drunk driving, reckless driving, and fleeing to the list.

Cops also say Stiles was driving on a suspended license.

But the struggle for the police didn't end after the arrest. Clearwater PD posted a picture on Twitter showing shattered glass.

Nobody got hurt during the fiasco.

But the next time somebody wants to go down in history, how about trying to do some good instead of putting people's lives in danger?