Cursive handwriting is making comeback!

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With all the speedy Wi-Fi connections and technological advances around us, the chances of picking up pen and paper almost never happen.

Think about it: Back in the day, we'd get those letters from grandma and we could barely understand because it was all in cursive!

Yeah, well, that squiggly, loopy mess you haven't used since the fifth grade is making a comeback. According to a cognitive neuropsychology study, keyboards are overrated and instead, the physical act of writing things down can actually make you smarter!

Right now, educators are fighting to make the outdated art a requirement-- and 14 states are already on board.

So take a moment to think about the last time you wrote anything in cursive. We’re pretty sure it was a while back.

Whatever team you're on, team handwriting or team typing, there is no wrong way - just write!