Ruff Life: Rey uses the force to draw in CW33 sound designer

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DALLAS -- Cue the Star Wars theme!

Eight months ago in this very galaxy, a disturbance was felt in the force. NewsFix sound designer Brian McDaniel, far from his home and family, saw Ruff Life and Ruff Life through his computer screen, making sure they sounded just right.

Now, he was ready for a dog of his own.

Raven and her three siblings in the early days

"Raven and her three little siblings found themselves at Dallas Animal Services when they were only nine days old," Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Haley Edman said.

They were orphans.

"Dallas Animal Services did try everything in their power to find the mama dog, but she was nowhere to be found," Edman said.

The picture that changed Brian and Rey's lives

As Raven and her siblings grew with a foster, her future became reality.

"I decided around Christmas that I was ready to get a puppy," McDaniel said. "One of my coworkers said they (Dallas Pets Alive!) were having a special about it."

And there she was.

"Just from that head tilt you could tell she was a big ole sweetheart," McDaniel said.

With a new dad, Rey accepted her place in the force

As a nod to the force, her name was shortened to Rey, and her destiny was written.

"Knelt down to say hi, and the first thing she did was run up to me, give me a kiss, sit in my lap," McDaniel said. "I knew I had to take her home that day."

Brian's run the gamut of Ruff Life dogs, but where does Rey rank?

"Oh, top!" he laughed. "Right there, and that's just biased because she's my puppy. She's definitely the best."

At a year old, she may still be a mere padawan, but the force is strong with this one.

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