‘Period Nails’ nail art trend lets women celebrate their periods

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So. Are we running out of new and creative ideas for manicures? Because… period nails are now a thing. Not the punctuation one either, but we wish.

With women taking to Instagram to post their #periodnails pics, nail art of late is paying homage to the menstrual cycle, but not with flowers opening up or chocolate or heating pads or Midol tablets or even little ovary caricatures like we would hope, if we HAD to choose.

We defy you to look at these images and not feel like you need a Silkwood shower or a rabies shot or something.

Who wants to show off a new mani of red ‘blood’ running down a white nail with, oh yes, little tiny tampon strings attached?Β But we have to admit, the artwork is flawless, @wit_myt.Β πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Or how about blood red polish with a little pink unfertilized egg on that ring finger nail, you know, the fingernail we used to paint a different color to make it stand out from the others?

Back when things were easy and all you needed was a little glitter to make a statement. And those aren’t the only items/ideas from ‘that’ aisle at the store included in the fad; IUDs with little pull chains hanging off of them…

…along with feminine napkin maxi pad pillow things, and fairly (???) accurate medical journal-looking illustrations of the anatomy often hosting these products are represented in the new trend as well.

On my period #periodnails #um

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NOTE: None of the nail art illustrations we’ve seen depict new products; they are all used.Β πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

Nail Pop LLC offers $10 Water Slide decals — and they’re made in the USA if that helps you make a decision — with “I’m on my period” in a bloody font and illustrations of (used πŸ˜‘) tampons, (used πŸ˜‘) menstrual cups, and maybe some other tools we don’t want to know about. A lot of the other unique depictions of lady time are created by hand.

Period nails = gross.

Period nails with all used products = beyond.

And while this next example might not be as blatant or repulsive, it’s probably worse because it’s borderline pathetic.

The upside is now we know there is something more disgusting than those poor people who chew their nails down to tiny raggedy nubs.

NOT to knock anyone’s right to celebrate womanhood or offer reproduction education for visual learners or bond with others in like situations, but maybe period nails are taking things a little too far? Whatever happened to reading The Red Tent and having a book club discussion over dinner and wine? That’s bonding that doesn’t chip, y’all.

We’ll celebrate the end of cold & flu season just as much as the next guy, but we don’t need to see your used tissues.Β And we take you on your word that your toddler has completed potty training, even if you don’t feel compelled to chronicle the journey on your fingernails.