New brain study says 99% of former NFL players had CTE

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BOSTON, MA -- The truth is coming out y'all, and it's not good.

Doctors studied the brains of former football players who have crossed the goal line to the other side. Out of a 111 former NFL brains, all but one had CTE, you know, the brain disease that's caused by multiple hits to the noggin in things like football, boxing, and even the military.

The research didn't just involve former NFL players, though; 202 brains were studied from high school, college, semi and pro players. Out of those 202, 177 had CTE. That's 87 %, and to no one's surprise, it was found mostly in linemen.

CTE has a long list of effects, like memory loss, depression, mood swings, and aggression. It only gets worse the more times the person gets hit, or in football's case, the longer they play.

Here's the problem: There's no cure, and the disease can't even be diagnosed until after death.

There is a slight catch with the study. The brains were donated because they were thought to already have CTE, but those numbers are still pretty dang high!

Parents, it might be time to re-evaluate putting your kid in the pee-wee league.