Forget an Apple Watch, this company just created a ‘smart ring’

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HONG  KONG-- Just when you thought the tech-world couldn't get any more advanced, a Hong Kong start-up creates the smart ring! Think Apple Watch, but this time the band wraps around your finger instead of your wrist. Or better yet, It's like a mood ring but smarter.

The ORII ring does act as a device that'll supposedly let you talk through "bone conduction." That's the same conduction that deaf people use with some ear pieces.

So we get the point of this whole smart ring, but isn't lifting your arm to talk the same as holding a phone to your ear?

Either way, Americans prob won't see this gadget for awhile. The people at Oragami Labs are currently waiting on the success of a KickStarter campaign to fund production.

Check out the ring in action: