‘Bracket Dating App’ changing the way you think of Sweet 16

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DALLAS -- When you hear Sweet 16, you may think March Madness, basketball and tournaments. But you probably don't think "dating app."

That's about to change.

"You start each day with 16 matches and throughout rounds of head to head eliminations, you narrow it down to just one person, a chat unlocks and then that`s the only person you can talk to for the day," explains Dallas local Whitney Linscott.

Wait a minute another dating app?

"It`s a very crowded space but to make meaningful matches in a really fun way we needed a different way other than swiping left and right," Linscott said.  She`s been single for six years and was tired of the pointless swiping.

"I don`t want an app that`s created by a 50-year-old married man with three kids. I want an app that`s created by someone like me that`s single, that`s been single, that`s been on all the apps, that knows what`s out there."

So she did just that - and the tournament is now live!

"If you`re the winner think about getting that notification, 'Hey your potential match just eliminated 15 people just to talk to you.'"

We think you`re a winner Whitney!

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