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Simon Says: Can we abstain from ‘Sex Shop’ billboards on the highway!

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I recently finished a long road trip with the family.

17 hours from Dallas to Orlando meant a lot of Red Bull, bathroom breaks, Burger King, and billboards--a lot of them!

So many of those signs--too many to count--were for sex shops. The kinds of places you can get toys and lingerie.

I guess when you’re on the interstate you're always thinking about sex, right?


Parents like me just hope their kids are zoned out on Netflix during the drive and don’t notice the signs.

“Zone,” the key word here, because strict zoning laws mean these kinds of places are not allowed in many city limits. That’s why they pop-up along the highway.  Apparently, I’m late noticing this is an issue. This story from Kansas is more than 10 years old.

This is another great example of how so many people in this country solve things by "kicking the can," you know,  "brush" an issue under the rug when in the end all you are doing is creating more problems.

Sure, move the sex shops. NOW imagine how many awkward conversations parents are having between Biloxi and Beaumont.

Look at how some cities ‘kick the can’ with the homeless.  Clearing out one camp means another one just pops up somewhere else.

We ‘kick the can’ when it comes to the national debt.  That number isn’t getting smaller folks. Your great-grandkids will pay for this.

The way things are going, those same kids will be burdened with trying to fix everything from health care to climate.

Remember, problems only go away when real solutions occur.

Who knows? Maybe it takes uncomfortable conversations like explaining risqué billboards to your 8-year-old to really make change.
Because if we don’t stop ‘kicking the can’ with so many issues, like those signs suggest, we’re all going to be screwed.

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