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Preserving rare pieces of history history is one man’s lifelong goal

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DENTON -- When it comes to collectibles, one of the rarest in the world just exchanged hands. Thursday a rare piece of video game history - an arcade marquee - was obtained by video game historian, Patrick Scott Patterson.

"This is a marquee for a game that never got produced called Power Up Baseball," said Patterson, while showing off his rare find.

You see, way back in the 90's the game was in the works and it was gonna be similar to NBA Jam and NFL Blitz.

The thing is it never went into production. Only a handful of the games were ever made during a test run in the Chicago area that proved to be unsuccessful.

"They even got Major League Baseball involved and put a Chicago Cub on the marquee. The game didn't test well enough for them to go into the expense of putting it into production so they were never produced. And this is one of the few if any other surviving marquees that came off of those test machines," said Patterson.

To some, it may not seem like a big deal, but just like anything, the history of video gaming is something that should be preserved.

"Video game history has kind of fallen to the same fate as film history did for the first few decades. [...] No one was taking care of this stuff and seeing that this stuff had long term historical value,” said Patterson. "And so what I do is I research and go out, and I recover anything that I can relating to video game history."

Preserving history for generations to come? Now that's a real grand slam!

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